Tired of your necklaces getting all tangled at the bottom of your jewellery box, or not being able to find the piece you’re looking for?

This nifty jewellery organiser is so easy and inexpensive to make, and you can hang it up on your bedroom wall, meaning you’ll save counter space too. Grab your RCS Card and pick up the items you need, then have fun customising this feature piece for your bedroom!




  • Spice rack (R160, Builders Warehouse)
  • Spray paint (We used Rust-Oleum in Berry Pink gloss; R115, Builders Warehouse)
  • Gift wrap (R12.99, Checkers)
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Hooks and eyes
  • Ribbon




Step 1
Lay some newspaper or a cover sheet on the ground, and place the spice rack on it. Using your colour of choice, carefully follow the instructions on the spray paint can and spray the spice rack. You may need to do several layers for good coverage – be sure to leave it to dry properly between each.

Step 2
Measure the area you want to cover with pretty gift wrap, then cut it out. Cover the backboard in glue (super glue works well), then place the gift wrap, rubbing it firmly to press out all the bubbles.

Step 3
Screw in eyes on each side of the spice rack, and tie a ribbon between them to hang your earrings from.

Step 4
Decide how many hooks you’d like, then measure for even spacing and screw them in along the bottom of the spice rack.
TIP: If you’re having trouble screwing the hooks into hard wood, use a hammer to gently tap a nail and make a pilot hole where you want to screw the hook in.

Step 5
Follow the instructions on the spice rack to hang it up on your bedroom wall.

Step 6
Fill it with your favourite things and enjoy!



Shown styled with:
Large copper candle holder: R60, Checkers
Small copper candle holder: R40, Checkers
Copper box: R100, Checkers
Pink orchid: R349.95, Boardmans


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