The weather is improving, the sun is shining, and – much like a country singer – you just can’t wait to get back on the road again. Before you leave your driveway, though, here’s a happy handful of auto accessories that’ll make your drive a little bit more comfortable, whether it’s an epic journey to the beach, the bush, the berg… or just down the road.



A funny smell is a small thing, but – after a few hours cooped up in the car – it’ll eventually turn into the sort of irritation that drives a person crazy. Stifle the stench with a small (but mercifully effective) car air freshener. Most will hang from your rear view mirror or clip onto your air-con vent. Wherever you put it, you’ll be glad you did.



Many new cars come with headphone jacks, which – when you attach an auxiliary cable – let you connect your phone or MP3 player to the car’s sound system. This is a real bonus, especially on a long cross-country trip, as it lets you listen to your personalised playlist (including audio books!) without having to resort to the hit-or-miss world of regional radio stations.



You’ll get phone calls when you’re on the road – and, being a member of the modern generation, you’re going to want to answer those calls. Talking on your phone while you’re driving is dangerous, illegal and not at all smart; but if you’ve hooked your phone up to your car’s audio system with a Bluetooth upgrade, you’ll be able to chat away to your heart’s content, without ever taking your eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel. (Remember, though, to concentrate on the driving, and not on the chatting.)



Yes, we know your smartphone has GPS on it. But the whole point (see above) is that you shouldn’t be using your phone while you’re driving. A GPS system, mounted onto your car’s dashboard, will show you exactly where you want to go, and how to get there safely.




Driver comfort isn’t solely about the driver’s comfort. What we mean by that is, it doesn’t help that you’re comfortable if your passengers (especially if they’re restless kids) aren’t enjoying a similarly carefree ride. A portable DVD player – preferably with headphones attached – will keep your backseat passengers occupied while you concentrate, comfortably, on the road ahead of you and the cars around you.




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