Meaningful after-school activities play such an important role in growing up, from building confidence and developing physical strength, to simply helping your kids find out who they are and what they like. But man, they can be pricey! Luckily, an RCS Personal Loan is a simple way to get the moola you need to try any of these valuable pursuits.




First off, it’s a basic life skill for safety reasons. But on top of that, swimming is a great cardio workout with very little risk of injury once you learn to stay above the water. Your kids will be able to enjoy swimming for the rest of their lives and depending on their personality, it can be an individual or team sport.




Kids naturally have small, agile bodies so it’s easy to forget the importance of strengthening their core and improving their gross motor skills. These skills involve the movement of the large muscles in the arms, legs and torso and are essential for running, climbing and throwing. But they’re also crucial for classroom activities like sitting up straight, sitting still and writing.




You’ve probably come across articles that say listening to classical music while still in the womb and learning to play an instrument are good for the brain. Whatever the research says, one thing we do know is that great music makes us happy. Mastering a favourite song is the perfect way to learn self-discipline, perseverance and gain confidence from doing something well.




Learning a language is an amazing brain booster and can improve your child’s ability to understand the logical connection between ideas, i.e. critical thinking. Young children are more flexible and open to new sounds so you can start with fun lessons as young as three, if you don’t already speak the language at home. Learning a foreign language creates a curiosity about the world and can lead to new and interesting career opportunities.




Companies spend millions on team building events and some of these important lessons can be learnt on the field at school. Besides the physical benefit of keeping fit, your child will also learn about healthy competition, leadership and cooperating with others. A team sport is also a wonderful way to make friends and learn social skills.

But it doesn’t stop there. There are also cooking and art classes, chess club, martial arts and horse-riding to name a few more. In the end, an extramural should be fun, provide a break from school work, boost self-confidence and social skills and maybe you’ll discover a hidden talent along the way.



Extramural activities can be a big financial burden when you’re already working hard to pay for school fees. Luckily, with an RCS Personal Loan  of up to R150 000 your child won’t have to miss out. A loan is easy to apply for  and it has flexible repayment options so you can head down to their soccer game or piano recital with a smile on your face.