A beautiful and well-organised desk can do wonders for getting you into the right headspace. Here are a few tips and tricks to bring zen to your desk.





Everything is easier when you can find what you’re looking for without having to send out a search party. Pick out a pen holder or pencil case to store your writing utensils in. We couldn’t resist bringing a little sparkle to our space with this glitter one (R49.90, CNA).

A selection of trinket trays can also be really helpful in keeping all your loose bits and pieces – like paper clips, rubber bands etc. – under control. Typo has a great selection (from R49.99).


Keep all your notes together with a handy clipboard (R89.90, CNA). For more organisational tips, read our article here.



Colour-coordinating your stationery and other practical items can help make your workspace beautiful. Pick one neutral colour and two complementary for a full, balanced look. We chose black, turquoise and pink as our colours, and carried the theme through from pens and notebooks
(from R69.99 at Typo) to the tape dispenser (R149.99, Typo), charger cable (R199.99, Typo) and even the desk lamp (R150, Game).



Considering how much time you spend at your desk each day, make it a place you love to be. Include photos of your family that make you smile, a corkboard to pin things to, and a few finishing touches that bring it all together for you.

 Last but not least, make sure you have a comfortable chair that’s at the right height for you – back and neck ache is easily avoided with this small change!


Foster your focus and creativity with a functional and beautiful workspace this year. Everything you could need for the setup is available from our extensive shopping network
, with the simple swipe of your RCS Card.


* Prices were correct at time of publication, and are subject to change