At only 25, entertainer, entrepreneur and sports enthusiast K Naomi is crushing 2017 and making SA proud. With links to major cosmetic brands and her recent appointment as the first African, female ambassador for Reebok, the fresh-faced presenter is showing women everywhere that beauty and strength go hand in hand.


When she isn’t chilling at Coachella she also represents Reebok’s Pretty Lethal initiative offering free self-defence classes to women across SA. Feeling inspired? Then why not take on your first challenge and join in the fun at the RCS Gugs Race on 16 June? We’ve got all the gear you need to feel confident and feminine.



The first step to being ready for a gruelling workout is preventing breast bounce. Yes, it’s really called that and they move around more than you think so finding the right sports bra is numero uno. Whatever size, style or colour you go for, test the bra’s support by running and jumping on the spot and stretching to see how the bands and straps move. Luckily with these great picks, you don’t have to choose functionality over style.

Try these out: Cardio Zip Bra, R949; Hero Bralet, R999; Combat Bralet, R899; Cardio Strappy Bra, R999; Strength Bra Comic Clash, R699 (pictured) – all from Reebok.




Power through a self-defence class or stretch those legs on a long distance run. If your feet are cushioned and comfortable you’ll be able to tackle anything that comes your way. We love the deep, wintry purple of the Reebok Fire Trainers and the fire engine red of the OG Lux sneakers will add a great pop of colour to a neutral outfit.
Try these out: Freestyle Hi Og Lux, R1 399 (pictured); OS Nylux Shorts, R599; Reebok Fire Trainers, R1 399; Reebok Combat Ankle Lock Tights, R1 399 – all from Reebok.




You still want to look good while being the toughest chick around and workout clothes are the best time to play around with colour and patterns. Colourful tights and a loose-fitting tank will bring out your playful side, while a cropped top will show off those toned abs you’ve been working so hard on. Check out your local Totalsports, Sportscene and Sportsmans Warehouse stores to find these great Reebok goodies. One swipe of your RCS Card and they’re yours!
Try these out: Comic Clash Tights, R1 199 (pictured); Combat Mesh Tank, R599; Combat Glory Hood, R1 199 – all from Reebok.





Limber up and test out your new running shoes in the Dave Spence Memorial Race hosted by RCS and the Gugulethu Running Club. Go for speed in a 10km or take it easy with a 4.2km fun run. The race takes place on Friday 16 June, so sign up now on


* Prices were correct at time of publication, but are subject to change.