The spread of the coronavirus has led to widespread global economic challenges and difficult social repercussions that have come to be known as ‘The Great Lockdown’. What does this mean for the future of African youth and current job seekers? Worry not. Opportunity is knocking, as we give you the jobs most likely to boom in the post-coronavirus era.




It has never been easier to click, connect and learn. Social distancing has not only changed how we work and communicate, but has also brought a great shift to the education sector and how we learn new skills. This also makes for the perfect opportunity for university students to make extra money, advertising their tutoring services online and for qualified teachers to start businesses which cater to providing extra lessons.



The health concerns surrounding Covid-19 have made the insurance job market one of the top career paths to enter, as more people take out policies to insure health and hearth during these uncertain times. Studying towards degrees that will lead you into the insurance sector will have a beneficial, long-lasting effect in the post- COVID-19 era.



While the influencer job market is booming, the internet is growing with captive audiences waiting for online content to consume. Beyond using your social media platforms to bring awareness to brands, you can use your own expertise in a particular field to host webinars and how-to’s. Think of how you can package your marketing, design, beauty or tech skills through blogging, a YouTube channel or podcast.




With more companies operating remotely, you can put your admin skills, attention to detail and communication skills to use by becoming a virtual assistant from home. If you have laptop at home and access to the internet, you can assist small companies with thier social media, administrative tasks, perform data capturing and online filing, which can all be done remotely.



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