The spread of the coronavirus has led to widespread global economic and social challenges and that have culminated in what’s come to be known as ‘The Great Lockdown’. What does this mean for the future of African youth? While some industries took a hard knock, others are likely to boom in the post-coronavirus era, and with that, certain career paths will be top of many jobseekers’ lists.


There are several sectors that are set to grow. These, according to an article by CPACanada, include online education, health care, public service, e-commerce, delivery and transportation, cybersecurity, remote work and digital platforms and drone technology.


When considering actual skillsets within various sectors, Business Insider states that some of the roles set to experience employment growth in the next 10 years are;


  1. Medical and health services managers
  2. Financial managers
  3. General and operations managers in fields such as marketing, construction, project management, computer and information systems, as well as medical and health services
  4. Registered nurses and medical and health services
  5. Software developers and software quality assurance analysts and testers


Here are other job roles to consider and why;


 Young lady working on a laptop at a desk



Social distancing has not only changed how we work and communicate but has also brought a great shift to the education sector and how we learn new skills. According to DataPortal, the number of internet users in South Africa rose by 4.5% between 2020 and 2021. With growing internet access, there is great potential in the growth of online education. This makes for the perfect opportunity for university students to make extra money, advertising their tutoring services online, and for qualified teachers to start businesses that provide extra lessons.



The health concerns associated with COVID-19 have made the insurance job market one of the top career paths to enter, as more people take out policies to insure health and hearth during these uncertain times. Studying towards degrees in math, statistics, finance, business, or economics may help lead you into the insurance sector, offering access to jobs in actuary, insurance claims, insurance underwriting and even insurance investigation. Visit Damelin for a range of higher and further education qualifications.



While the influencer job market is booming, the internet is growing, with captive audiences waiting for online content to enjoy. Beyond using your social media platforms to bring awareness to brands, you can use your own expertise in a particular field to host webinars and how-to tutorials. Think of how you can package your marketing, design, beauty or tech skills through a blog, YouTube channel or podcast. Sounds like the right fit for you? Start by doing your research on becoming a paid influencer through free online resources and affordable courses on platforms such as Udemy.


Cappuccino, iPhone and a Macbook on a table.



With more companies operating remotely, you can put your admin skills, attention to detail and communication skills to use by becoming a virtual assistant from home. If you have a laptop and internet access, you can assist small companies with their social media and administrative tasks, plus capture data and do online filing, which can all be done remotely. Visit to discover virtual assistant jobs in various industries.



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