Obviously you are the star of the show when it comes to your wedding. But sometimes you can use a little bit of help with keeping your guests entertained and the party going.


There are several times in a wedding where the mood can lull just a bit. One of the biggest times being when you go off to take photos with your new ‘lawfully wedded’. If your ceremony and reception are happening at the same venue, it’s a good idea to provide something for your guests to do at this point. Other times where there can be a bit of a quiet spot is between courses during the meal, and after you’ve finished eating and before the dancing starts.


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Sometimes you just need a little ice breaker to get things going on the dance floor. A dance teacher will definitely do just that. Your guests can learn to salsa, or how to do a line dance – whatever you think they’ll enjoy the most (and whatever will be a funnier memory for you in your wedding video).




This is a good way for all of your guests to get to know each other. They can work in teams or as individuals, it doesn’t really matter. The whole point is to set them silly tasks that encourage them to talk to the other guests. The game can be played throughout the reception time. Just remember to pick a cut-off point for the prize giving and get your MC to announce it.

There are a few ways to do a scavenger hunt. Start by deciding what kind of evidence you want – a list of names, photos or videos. Then think of fun tasks like: find the person who introduced the couple or take a picture of a guest wearing odd socks (just be sure to get someone to wear odd socks).




You have so many choices for a wedding, from the traditional to the weird and wacky. For example, a magician, a palm reader, a balloon animal maker or a caricaturist. An entertainer like this is great for keeping things fun in the quiet time between the ceremony and the reception, as well as in between courses.


Ask the person to mingle with your guests rather than stand and perform. This way it’ll feel more natural and won’t stop people from socialising.



Outdoor games or an indoor arcade station is great for that quiet period after the ceremony. You’ll be able to go off and take your time with your photos and enjoy the first few moments of being married, knowing that your guests won’t be standing around waiting for you. Additionally, the games will all be there for you to enjoy when you come back to the reception.


Think lawn games like croquet, badminton or even swing ball. If you’re feeling adventurous, hire a bouncy castle. This will lead to some hilarious photos for the wedding album.



Indoors, you could set up a little arcade room at your venue. Pinball machines, air hockey and dance revolution will bring out everyone’s inner kid.


If you think you might need to get the conversations kick-started when everyone sits down, you can incorporate table games into your centrepieces. A mini table football or roulette wheel, or even just some simple board games like snakes and ladders, will get people laughing and talking even if they don’t know each other.



Having a slide show playing on a screen or two in your reception venue is so much fun. To make it more interesting, ask your guests to send you a photo when they RSVP to your wedding. This will make everyone feel involved – like they’re getting a moment to tell part of your story. Just make sure you ask them to send you something that you don’t have and will make you smile.


If you don’t want to see the photos before your big day, get a friend or hire a professional video editor to create the slideshow for you. Guests can send their pics directly to that person.



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