Most of us head inside to cool off, but if your home isn’t kitted out correctly it won’t provide much relief. With an RCS Personal Loan, you can try any of these clever solutions for cooling down your house… including choosing to braai instead of turning on the oven – score!




The cooler you can keep the inside of your house, the less money you’ll have to spend on other cooling methods. Invest in blackout blinds, install awnings over large windows and plant big, full trees to provide shade. Another great choice is energy-saving window film that reflects up to 60% of heat coming through your windows and will protect your furniture from fading.


The right ceiling insulation can keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer. It’s a bit of an investment, but it will pay off in the long run when you won’t need to turn on an appliance to warm up or cool down. For this you’ll want to look at the pros and cons of Isotherm and Pink Aerolite.




If you’re keen on the sauna vibe then go ahead and paint your house a moody charcoal. If not, then choose a light colour that will reflect the sun’s heat away from your home. In a warm country like ours you can even go one step further and choose a special heat reflective roof paint that reflects at least 30% of solar heat.




Fans in general don’t use a lot of energy so they’re a great option for keeping the house cool. There are lots of styles to choose from including wall-mounted, pedestal and desk fans. But, the most effective for general home use is a ceiling fan that circulates air to create a draft in the room. Just make sure yours is turning the right way! In summer, your fan should run in a counter-clockwise direction to blow the air straight down. Ceiling fans are there to keep you cool and not the space, so switch it off when you leave the room. Remember to check the height of your ceiling (must be more than 2.5 metres) and look out for the energy star label when shopping.


Air conditioners will get the job done no problem, but they’ll also rack up a hefty electricity bill. They’re a great option for those real scorcher days when nothing else will do, but consider combining one with a more energy-efficient option so you don’t have to leave it running 24/7. Air coolers are lighter on energy, but they need water to produce cool, moist air.


Wondering how you’re going to survive the summer? An RCS Personal Loan will let you choose home cooling solutions to keep you and your family comfortable in the heat. The loan application is simple and will give you up to R150 000 cash in a hurry. Plus, it comes with flexible repayment options and customer protection insurance. What are you waiting for? Apply today!