A lot of changes happen as we transition from winter into summer. Spring de-cluttering takes precedence as we swap out rich body butters and full-coverage foundations for tinted moisturisers and dewy skin enhancers. And while glossy mags inundate us with a million-and-one trends to try, we’ve selected four that’ll be worth your time.





Less is definitely more when summer comes to mind so you’ll want to ditch the sculpted, over-contoured look that has had make-up artists and Instagram vloggers in a frenzy, and opt for a very subtle and soft alternative. This can be achieved with a light wash of bronzer applied just below your cheekbone. Try the Revlon New Complexion Powder (R279, Clicks).




If sundowners are a repeat occurrence in your social calendar, then you’ll love this trend. It’s all about recreating the look of a sunset on your eyes. Now it may seem complex, but all it requires is about two to three eye shadows, all of which are warm but neutral tones. The Inglot Freedom System will allow you to pick and choose your own eye shadows for a fully customised palette.




A dry and a chapped pout is a no-go this season. It can be easily avoided with a quick bout of exfoliation and ample hydration. Scrubbing your lips of flakey and dead skin requires very little DIY skill. Create your own sugar lip scrub by simply mixing together sugar granules and some coconut oil into a small container. Using a gentle but old toothbrush, rub a good amount over your lips to ensure all the dead skin has been removed, rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry. Treat your lips with a good ol’ tube of Labello and add a bit of colour with my favourite lip product of the moment, L’Oréal Infallible Lip Gloss.



This last trend happens to be my favourite. All it requires is for you to channel your inner Coachella girl and have some fun with glitter. The trick is to not get said glitter attached to all the wrong places (or you’ll be washing it off for weeks!). In light pressing motions, simply take a damp eye shadow brush and dab your desired glitter or eye shadow pigment onto your lid (or wherever else you want it). You can even make it a touch more exciting by dotting several colours around and in between where you’ve already applied your first layer of colour. For this, try the Inglot AMC Pigment Eye Shadows. The colours are super intense but oh so pretty and retail for a cool R299.


Think you’ll be trying any of these summer make-up trends out? Let us know!



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