Whether you’re sad to say goodbye to the holidays or (like me) you can’t wait to get your kids out of your hair, it’s time for them to go back to school! Let me help you ease the stress with this tried-and-tested back-to-school checklist:



First things first – let’s hope the school doesn’t require a boring old backpack. Great, now that we’ve ruled that out, let your child choose their favourite cartoon hero to accompany them to school every day. My four-year-old is obsessed with all things Spiderman and wouldn’t be able to leave the house without his hero on his back (Spiderman three-piece set, R350, Game).

Pro tip: If your child is in nursery school, remember to pack in an extra set of clothes to change into in case of accidents.



For schools that need you to wear a uniform, take a small moment to rejoice – no more fighting over clothing choices every morning. From socks, shoes (from R219, Edgars) and “formal” wear (think school shirt, shorts/skirt, light jersey), to the sports shoes and sports gear (think shorts, tshirt), it’s essential that your kids rock up looking part of the school on their first day.

Pro tip: Try and get at least two items of each required uniform item so that you have a spare for the days when they come home filthy and/or you hate doing washing.


Believe it or not, even school uniforms need accessories. That’s right, even the hair bands and hair ties (12-pack, R36.96, Clicks) need to be colour coded. Wearing a bright pink one instead of navy blue could ruin a first day and not only get your kid in trouble, but you too!

Pro tip: While you are busy checking accessories, it is worth checking out the girls’ earrings to make sure that they comply with the school rules – ours didn’t.


Usually schools will issue a (long) list of stationery that you will need to bring with on your first day (fully marked with their names). This will range from crayons, pencils, pencil crayons, khokis, pens, rulers, geometry set, glue and various work books.

Pro tip: Include extra fun items like colour pens to help keep your kid interested in taking notes – Typo has all sorts of things that will get them excited about stationery.



Having lots of cool stationery is great, but where do you keep it? Stash all your stationery away in its very own pencil bag. There are plain colours (R70, Game), cartoon covered and a variety of in-betweens. Now that our girls are joining “big school”, they are very sad that they can’t have the latest Frozen pencil bag (33cm deluxe pencil case, R79.80, Makro) for school next year.



All this learning is hungry work and it’s time for a snack. Depending on your usual snacks, you could select to have a cooler box lunch bag (O2 lunch box, R79, Makro) or if your child is more prone to throwing their bag around like ours tend to do, then maybe a hard one would be more suitable. I know this Minions lunch box and bottle set (R79, Makro) would go down a treat!

Pro tip: Write little notes and hide them in their lunch boxes on their first day.

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