Some people dread winter, and others – like those living in the drought-stricken Cape – hope that this chilly season brings an abundance of rain. But cold, wet weather means a little household maintenance is needed. With the help of an RCS Personal Loan you can make these essential home improvements that will protect your home.


Just as insulation will keep your home cooler in summer, it’s a must in the winter. It will lower your electricity bill by trapping heat inside and help make your home cosier. Most top-notch insulation, like Isotherm, will be installed in your roof and it’s a worthwhile investment. On a smaller scale, put on your handyman hat and start caulking any areas on your doors and windows that show signs of wear, and replace worn putty to keep drafts out.




Wind sends leaves swirling into drains and gutters so clean them out at the start of the season to prevent any major blockages. While you’re on your ladder give your roof a good once-over. At the first sign of damage or loose tiles, call in the pros to get it assessed and fixed up. Is there anything more miserable than a leaky roof in the winter?


Ah, every homeowner’s worst nightmare. Damp can lead to mould which is potentially dangerous to your family’s health. They’re both caused by excess moisture – a big problem if you have rain seeping in through a damaged roof or around window frames. Damp is one tough cookie so if you see signs of it in your home call in the experts immediately. Other ways you can help keep damp away is to install an extractor fan in your bathroom and place dehumidifiers in problem rooms. Dehumidifiers draw excess moisture from the air, helping to combat condensation, prevent mould and reduce damp on walls.


Checking your roof and making sure your windows and doors are properly sealed will go a long way in protecting your home from the wind. But don’t forget about your garden. While it’s not an everyday occurrence, if a storm hits you’ll want to make sure your trampoline and any other outdoor furniture is secured. We’re also familiar with the sight of a tree blown onto a home or car, so trim back any suspect trees and large plants that could cause damage to windows.




If the water crisis has taught us anything it’s to start planning early. So whether you’re in a water-restricted area or not, now is the time to connect your gutters to large tanks and start saving that rain water. Get your orders in now and do your part to save this precious resource.



Make this the best winter ever and tackle these home improvements to protect your home from the elements. An RCS Personal Loan makes it possible. The application process is simple, you’ll have the cash you need within 24 hours and there are flexible repayment options.