Every organised kitchen needs a few basics like a cutlery tray, a decent drying rack and clear plastic containers with labels, but some kitchens need a little extra help. These creative hacks will turn even the smallest kitchen into a well-oiled machine where everything has its place. Use your RCS Card to get what you need when you need it – with 55 days free of interest!



No matter the size of your kitchen there just never seems to be enough cupboard space. Luckily you don’t have to sacrifice style for storage. A simple wooden spice rack works well for pretty much anything from herbs and spices to wine bottles and recipe books (Bamboo Earth spice rack, R139, Makro).

Thinking outside the box is a big part of clever storage solutions so while the open-grid kitchen rack is a nifty place to dry a few dishes, it’s also a cool place to hang your favourite Typo mugs, some cooking utensils and a dish towel or three (R649, Superbalist). Finally, get that fresh produce off the kitchen counter and into the gorgeous open-grid hanging basket (R549, Superbalist, pictured).




Regular cupboard shelves just don’t cut it when it comes to organising your groceries. We suggest swiping your RCS Card to pick up some extra-length runners and a few wire shelf baskets (R69, Makro) so you know exactly where to look for your favourite pasta ingredients. Use wasted side space inside cupboard doors by adding hooks (Steelcraft hook rack, R99, Makro) for grab-and-go cleaning products (Cleaning caddy, R69.99, The Crazy Store). Get the kids excited for the first meal of the day by popping a super cool double cereal dispenser onto your counter. It’ll make grabbing breakfast quick and easy and free up cupboard space for less stylish items (R280, Game, pictured).




Untap your kitchen’s hidden storage potential by sliding a vegetable rack on wheels into the empty space next to your fridge to create a bonus pantry (four-tier vegetable rack, R349, Makro, pictured). A wall-mounted tablet in the kitchen sounds a bit extravagant, but wouldn’t it be nice to have your weekly calendar and favourite Pinterest recipes ready at the swipe of a screen? The Aavara universal tablet stand will help you out here (R513, Loot). We love a good space-saving idea and adding a Lazy Susan to a shelf in the fridge or pantry is one of our favourites. Give it a spin and you’ll never forget a bottle of olives in the fridge again (R299, Home Etc.).

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Pull off these clever storage solutions and use your kitchen space to the max with a simple swipe of your RCS Card. There are over 24 000 stores in the RCS shopping network including fantastic home stores, so sign up today to find everything you need for the perfect kitchen. Apply for your RCS Card today!