One of the most difficult parts about Halloween is simply deciding what you’re going to dress up as. You don’t have to hire a full fireman’s suit; you can create a great costume with some of these on-trend items and a few basic accessories.



Channel Toya Delazy during her more colourful moments, or Olivia Newton John in Let’s Get Physical (it’s the stuff that haunts VH1), and go all out as an 80s aerobics instructor. You won’t have any trouble finding some luminous workout gear to help you complete your look.



This wardrobe staple will allow you to have the styling moves of either Tom Cruise from Risky Business or Uma Thurman from Pulp Fiction. For Tom you’ll need white socks and a pair of wayfarers and for Uma you’ll need some cropped black pants and the ability to twist… plus a black bob wig.



An all-black ensemble with a black leather jacket or some black faux leather leggings and heels will help you transform into Danny and Sandy from Grease or Batman’s feline nemesis Catwoman. Or, if you throw an Afro into the mix, you could pull off a perfect 70s tribute to Pam Grier in Foxy Brown.



The world’s obsession with striped tops will come in handy this Halloween. In this basic you can become a mime with white gloves and some white face paint, a French guy or girl with a red beret or a bank robber with a black beanie and canvas money bag.



A checked shirt lends itself to many characters from a cowboy to a farmer or Billy Ray Cyrus. We suggest: MacGyver or a 90s grunge rocker. Top your plaid shirt with a khaki vest, aviator sunglasses, a pocketknife and of course a blonde mullet wig. To become a 90s grunge rocker, pop on jeans and a T-shirt, tie your shirt around your waist and head bang to get the perfect hair.



Flared jeans are a good base for creating a variety of outfits from your traditional hippy to the iconic Farrah Fawcett on her skateboard and any of the characters from Almost Famous. 



Now that you know how to do it, it’s time to buy the gear that’ll help you do the job. Swipe your RCS Card at any of these stores in the RCS shopping network