Weddings don’t come cheap. There’s the dress, the flowers, the catering, the cake, the music, the photographer… the list goes on and on! One way you can save some cash is to host the wedding yourself – either in your own back garden, or that of a friend or family member. Not only is it a great way to spare some money, but also a brilliant opportunity to throw an intimate wedding full of your own character and flair.


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If you’re wanting to host the do yourself, here are some tips to ensure everything goes exactly as you want it to.



A fresh lick of paint and the efforts of a gardening service can do wonders to get your home looking beautiful for the big day – and how great is it that your wedding budget doubles as an investment in your home? Get the lawn looking good and plump up the flowerbeds or potplants to create a lush, green environment. If you’ve been flirting with the idea of putting in a patio or deck, now is a great time to do it! And don’t forget to put fairy lights in all the trees to turn your back garden into a wonderland once it gets dark.




Make sure you have comfortable seating for all of your guests, taking into consideration whether you will be having both the ceremony and reception at home. Hay bales covered in cloth can make for a versatile, affordable seating option, and contribute wonderfully to a rustic yet chic atmosphere, but make sure you have some sturdy, comfortable seating options for your older guests.



Weather can be a great cause for anxiety when it comes to outdoor weddings, so be prepared for whatever nature can throw at you. Stretch or marquee tent rental is fairly inexpensive and will offer shelter from both the sun and the wind. Do put a backup plan in place in case the weather turns on you at the last minute.




Depending on the size of your guest list, your kitchen and bathroom facilities may need a little ‘help’ for the big event. Consider renting a portable restroom to avoid your guests having to wait in long queues for the loo. If you’re having nightmare visions of green portaloos, worry not – ‘luxury’ versions with good lighting and running water are available for rent.

Consult with your caterer to see if your kitchen has everything they need – it may be necessary to hire in one or two items. Otherwise, be smart with your menu choices. Spitbraais and picnic baskets are always crowd pleasers, or go completely novel and hire a food truck to feed your guests.




Be sure to give your neighbors advance warning of your event. Popping over with a bottle of bubbles or a sweet treat is a brilliant way to win them over to your cause. Research and abide by the noise laws of your neighborhood to ensure you don’t have any uncomfortable run-ins with the authorities. If you’re having a large crowd, do also think about parking arrangements. If your street is short on parking space, consider running a shuttle to a nearby parking lot.



There are so many reasons to have a backyard wedding. You get to choose your own date, set your own rules, and, of course, you save on a venue fee. If you need a little help with the finances, why not apply for an RCS Loan? The application process is quick, paperless and easy. Once approved, you’ll get the cash straight into your account within 24 hours. Apply today!


* Service and initiation fees apply