You’ve heard about “getting dressed for success”? Well, just like feeling good about how you look makes you feel confident, having a tidy and stylish desk will help you start the day with a go-getter attitude.


Essentials only
Everyone uses their desk in a different way, but most of us has a main work tool, like a computer or sketch pad. Take everything off your desk, wipe it down and put back only the essentials, like your monitor or laptop, and your phone.


Record or recycle
One of the biggest threats to a tidy workspace is the pile of papers that you bump your mouse against every day. Sort through all your papers, and decide which scraps to recycle and which to file. Want a tip? Scan a clipping or take a photo of it with your phone and store it on your computer instead of filing it away someplace where you’ll probably never find it again.


Amp up your storage
Prioritise your desk drawers. Put things you use every day in the top drawer, and work your way down. If you use regular office tools – such as a stapler, paper clips and scissors – then a drawer organiser is a must-have. If your desk doesn’t have drawers, then look for a basket caddy on wheels that can sit next to your desk. Store items you use once or twice a month in plastic storage containers, which you can keep out of the way or in a cupboard.


Handy desk accessories
Your desk accessories will differ depending on the work you do, but some handy additions to your minimalist desk include:

a calendar with blocks to write down tasks and appointmentsa pencil holdermagazine or file holdersan inbox tray


Non-essential, but cool-to-have workspace accessories include:

a wall-mounted memo board for sticky notes and photosa mini potted planta funky coffee muga notebook and pen


Now that you know what you need for a tidy desk, browse the RCS Network of over 21 000 retail partners, visit a store and swipe your RCS Card to stock up.