Is it time you replaced your microwave oven? Here are seven things to consider when you make the decision on which new microwave oven to buy.



Microwave ovens come in various sizes, so consider where it’s going to go and how it’s going to be used. Countertop units will need plenty of space around them to ensure they’re accessible; and while over-the-range ovens will free up that countertop space, they may require special installation.



Will your favourite dishes fit inside? It’s worth taking that dish along to the RCS shopping network store, and checking that yourself before you swipe your RCS Card and make the purchase. You may need a bigger microwave!



What-tage? This refers to the cooking “strength” of the oven. Most microwave ovens range between 600 and 1 000 watts. Generally speaking, the higher the wattage, the faster the cooking time. A 1 000-watt microwave will do the job quickly and efficiently.



You may want to get a microwave oven with a built-in turntable, which turns the dish during cooking. If nothing else, it’ll save you the hassle of constantly having to stop the oven and stir your soup when you warm it up!



Take the guesswork out of your cooking, and get a microwave oven that has shortcuts and automatic settings (like “reheat” or “defrost”). Some microwave ovens also let you choose between “high” (100%) and “low” (10%), which lets you regulate the cooking temperature.



Some microwave ovens have built-in sensors, called “humidity sensors”, which track the steam inside the oven and shut off automatically when the food is done. This is a useful tool which, if you use it correctly, will prevent overcooking.



If you have young children in the house, consider buying one with a child lock feature. You’ll set a pin code, which will keep the oven locked and inaccessible to the little ones. It’ll only take one microwaved toy – or pet – for you to see the value in this.



Now that you know what to look for in a microwave oven, browse the RCS shopping network of over 21 000 stores, swipe your RCS Card and buy the one that suits your needs!