Whether it’s through a tear, a puncture or a slow leak, it’s inevitable that your car will suffer a flat tyre at some point. Here’s how to change that tyre – safely and quickly.


Step 1: Get everybody out of the car, apply the handbrake, and put the car in gear (if it’s a manual) or park (if it’s an automatic).


Step 2: Remove the wheel cover or hubcap, and use the wheel wrench to loosen the wheel nuts while the car is still on the ground. Don’t remove the nuts completely just yet. If you’re struggling to loosen them by hand, apply some pressure to the wheel wrench with your foot (that’ll put your whole bodyweight behind the job!). Remember the old rhyme, when it comes to loosening wheel nuts: righty tighty, lefty loosie!


Step 3: Position the jack under your car’s jacking point (you’ll see the slight indents on the bodywork; check the owner’s manual if you’re not sure). Slowly raise the car.


Step 4: Remove the wheel nuts and the wheel, pulling it towards you with both hands.


Step 5: Put the spare tyre in place, and replace all the wheel nuts tightly and securely.


Step 6: Lower the car, and tighten the wheel nuts again.


Step 7: Think you’re done? Not yet. Your final step is to visit an RCS shopping network auto shop, and have your car’s wheel alignment and balancing checked. While you’re there, swipe your RCS Card and buy a new tyre!



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