Don’t like the look of those chunky floating bookshelves? Here’s a simple DIY project that’ll make that bookshelf disappear, making your books appear to “float” on the wall.


It’s a pretty easy process.


You’ll need:

a hardcover bookan L bracket (not longer than the width of the book)a drillscrewsvelcro 


Step 1:
Stick the Velcro strip in the centre of the inside back cover of the book, and stick the other side of the Velcro strip onto one of the outside sides of the L bracket


Step 2:
Drill the L bracket into your wall, making sure to keep the Velcro side on the bottom, facing the floor.


Step 3:
Position your book on the L bracket, sticking the two Velcro strips (one on the inside back cover of the book, the other on the outside bottom of the L bracket) together.


Step 4:
Close the book, and stack a couple of books on top of it. The books will hide the insides of the L bracket, and you’ll have a bookshelf that looks like it isn’t there!


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