When your clothes are threatening to engulf you and you find a spoon in your cupboard, it’s time to confront the impossible task of tidying your bedroom. Divide and conquer to get your bedroom back to beautiful.


Start with what’s in front of you. Sort the items that have escaped your drawers and cupboards into semi-organised piles and remove anything that is not usually found in the bedroom.


With a clean working space you can tackle your cupboards. Sort through your clothes and divide into “keep” and “donate”. Then divide your “keep” pile into seasons. Pack away out-of-season clothes in stackable storage containers or in containers under your bed. Just remember to leave space for your shoes!


Your chest of drawers looks lovely and neat, but DO NOT open the drawers. Inside is a mass of mismatched underwear, tangled jewellery and expired make-up. Throw out the old make-up and invest in some inexpensive drawer organisers and a jewellery box. Clear the top of the chest of drawers and decorate it with a jewellery tree, your favourite perfume bottle and maybe an aromatherapy candle. If a TV stands on your drawers then consider hanging it on the wall to clear the space. 


When the sorting is over and the junk has been discarded, look at the layout of your room. Is the furniture positioned the only way it can be or would shifting everything give you a fresh look? Light will brighten your room and make it feel bigger so consider switching dark bedding and curtains for lighter options. If you’re really into this you can even paint the walls.


Bedside tables with drawers are great for extra storage, but if you need to clear the floor space, swap the table for a wall shelf and lamp. Use vertical space by hanging a bookshelf with an assortment of frames, books and baskets to store small items that don’t have a specific spot in your room.



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