First things first: you definitely do not want to try this make-up trick when you’re already 10 minutes late for work. Your first few tries may take 20 to 30 minutes and a handful of earbuds and make-up remover, but becoming an expert at this classic look is worth the effort.


First, get your weapon of choice: pencil, gel or liquid eyeliner. You can give it a try with whatever you have on hand, but a liquid liner pen will probably give you the best control and neatest application as a beginnerNow sit down in a front of a mirror with your elbow resting on a stable surface – the shakes are the biggest threat to a sleek line. Start by applying the eyeliner in a thin line as close to your upper lash line as you can. Your eyeliner should be at its thinnest at the inner corner of your eye.Use small strokes as you move across the top of the eyelid to get it as smooth as possible.If you’re nervous to jump in head-first with liquid liner, make a soft line with an eye pencil first and go over it with the liquid liner.One of the best tricks to achieve the perfect flick is to place a piece of tape at an angle from the corner of your eye and line it up with the outer tip of your eyebrow.Draw a diagonal line up from the end of your eye towards your eyebrow.You can decide how long you would like the wing to be – the longer, the more dramatic.If you’re a bit messy and go over the tape you can simply peel it off and it will leave a neat flick.

When you’re satisfied that you’ve got the best line and wing possible, you can make it as bold and thick as you like by going over it a few times. Blend the eyeliner in with your upper lashes and finally, use a small tip brush and some concealer to neaten up any smudges and rough patches.

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