“Winter camping tent?” Yes, you read that right. Winter is actually a great time to go camping – and the chilly mornings are a small price to pay for the glorious days and the cosy nights. To make sure that those nights really are cosy, though, you’ll need to pick the right tent. Here’s what you need to look for.


The good news is, South Africa’s winters aren’t actually that cold – at least, not in terms of tent technology. Most modern tents are designed to endure snowy winters, so whatever you start with should be more than adequate for your camping needs.


Before you go swiping that RCS Card, though, you need to make sure that the tent you’ve chosen is sturdy and waterproof. It may have to endure some strong winds and driving rains, and you’ll want to be kept warm and dry if the weather takes a turn. A pop-up tent simply won’t do the job here; so get one with strong poles and extra guy lines.


If it rains, you’ll want your tent to be watertight – so make sure yours has a built-in ground sheet, and waterproofing on the sides. Invest in a tent that has a separate fly sheet (ask the sales assistant – some fly sheets are sold separately!), so that you can take it off and shake it off during the day time after a night’s rain.


Another thing to look for is a fly sheet that extends in the front of the tent, creating an undercover ‘foyer’ area in front of the tent. You’ll want to be able to take your dirty boots off and stash them under shelter, rather than walking them into the tent and dragging the muddy outside inside.


Finally, do yourself a favour, and find a tent that’s easy to put up. Some tents have built-in poles that let you set the tent up in less than a minute. This is ideal if you’re battling with gloves on a cold evening, while the campfire is still starting up.


Browse the RCS Network of over 21 000 retail partners, and do some exploring and shopping around. Once you’ve found the tent you’re looking for, simply swipe your RCS Card and get ready to enjoy the outdoors.