Most of us struggle with shoe storage – and often because our cupboard space can’t accommodate our shoe collection! We make the effort to tidy and straighten our tangle of shoes every few months, but that’s about all we do and before long they’re back in the same mess. With a few simple suggestions you can spring-clean your shoe space and sigh with satisfaction instead of frustration.


  • Put one or two two-level shoe racks on the floor of your cupboard. If you can add more levels without hitting your clothes, that’s even better.
  • Hanging shoe organisers have been around for ages and they’re perfect for sandals and pumps. Look for one made out of a neutral canvas instead of a plastic one.
  • If your bed is high enough off the ground then don’t waste this precious storage space! Turn a bookcase on its back and attach some wheels to give you easily accessible, but hidden shoe storage.
  • Storage ottomans double up as a place to sit when you’re doing up those strappy heels or tying your laces.


Divide your shoes into seasons to help you organise them. Store your summer shoes in boxes while your winter boots are being used every day, then rotate as the seasons change. Boxes can be stacked easily without damaging the shoes. To save yourself searching through every box to find the pair you want, label the box with a photo or description.


But before you pack your shoes away make sure they are clean and dry. Stuff them with acid-free paper to absorb moisture and never wrap leather shoes in plastic. Packing knee-high boots in boxes can give them a permanent crease so store them upside down on old wine bottles or roll up a magazine and insert it. Shoes need to be kept out of direct sunlight and they need room to breathe.



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