Smartphones have become a one-stop shop for everything from calls and Internet, to games and photography. Use the bigger sensors, brighter lenses and better features – along with these tips – to take camera phone pictures that are sharp and bright enough to hang on any wall.


CLEAN THE LENS. Our phones spend a lot of time in our bags and pockets, and you have no hope of taking a crisp, clear photo if you start out with dirt on the lens.


GET THE LIGHT RIGHT. Use as much natural light as possible and make sure your subject is facing the light source.

The LED flash on most phones can be harsh. Sometimes it’s better to switch it off and edit your photo later.


A clever trick is to stick a white sticker or piece of tissue over the flash so that you get a subtler light coming through.


GET CLOSE. When the background and light of a photo is dodgy, fill the frame by moving closer and focusing on the subject.


NEVER ZOOM. That’s the quickest way to degrade a photo. Either move closer, or take the photo as is and crop it later.


THINK BEFORE YOU SHOOT. Decide what you want people to see when they look at your photo and get rid of any distractions. Use negative space to make your subject stand out.


EXPLORE NEW ANGLES. Move around so all your photos don’t look the same. Use grid lines when taking a shot of the sunset or the sea to make sure your horizon is straight.


LEARN THE TECHNICAL STUFF. Read the manual and play around with the settings. Choose the highest resolution for better quality photos.


If all else fails, download a good photo-editing app and play around with filters!


Here are some of the best phones for taking photos:

Samsung S7 Edge (from R15 530)Sony Xperia Z5 (from R12 990)LG G4 (from R7 870)Huawei P8 (from R3 499)Hisense Infinity Lite (from R1 799)


Note: The Samsung S7 Edge is the frontrunner in camera phones, but its siblings, the Samsung S6, S5 and J5, all produce some impressive photos if you’re on a budget.

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