Here’s a handy trick to try this weekend, as you join the rest of South Africa in celebrating National Braai Day (or, if you want its proper name, Heritage Day). It’s a barbeque trick that’ll have you looking like the braai master – and have your steak tasting exactly how you like it.


One way of testing whether a steak is rare, medium or well done is by using a meat thermometer. These kitchen tools are very useful, but they have one drawback: they puncture the meat, making it lose some of its flavour-filled juices.


Meat gets firmer as it’s cooked, so you can tell whether a steak is rare, medium or well done just by touching it. The secret lies in knowing what it’s supposed to feel like! Here’s how to do it:



Hold your left hand with the palm open, hand relaxed, and use the index finger of your right hand to press on the fleshy part between your thumb and your wrist. Feel that? That’s what raw meat feels like.



Now press the tip of your left hand’s index finger onto the tip of your thumb, making the “OK” sign. Press the same fleshy part of your hand. It’ll feel firmer – and that’s what a rare steak feels like.



Next make a circle with your middle finger and the tip of your thumb. Press the fleshy part of that hand, and that’s what a medium rare steak feels like.



Still with us? OK, moving onto the next finger. Now make a circle using your ring finger and your thumb. That’s the equivalent of a medium steak.



Finally, make a circle with your pinkie and your thumb. Feel how firm that fleshy part of your hand is? That’s the equivalent of a well done steak.


Got the hang of it? Now put this test to the test around the braai this weekend.



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