If you’re a dude, then a belt is a pretty straight-forward operation. You loop it around your pants, connect the buckle with the right hole, and carry on with your live, safe in the knowledge that your pants aren’t going to fall down. (Unless you’re into karate, in which case you’ll have a tie the belt in a knot.


And we’d like to make it clear that nobody involved in the writing of this article has anything bad to say about men who are into karate. Please don’t hurt us.)


For women, though, belts are a whole different story. Simply clipping it into the buckle is not enough… it has to look pretty, and it has to make a style statement.


Here are three belt knot styles that’ll have you stepping out in style.


Step 1: Wrap the belt around your waist, and slip the end of the belt through the belt loop, pulling until it fits comfortably.Step 2: Wrap the end underneath the belt then up again towards you.Step 3: Push the end back through the buckle again, and tighten as desired. Easy!


Step 1: If your belt is way too long for you, don’t stress. This is your opportunity to rock a beautiful figure-eight knot. Start by buckling the belt as normal. Then take the loose end, and slip it under the belt, bringing it up again.Step 2: Bring the loose end back under the belt (near the buckle), and tighten.Step 3: Take that loose end under the other side of the belt, and bring it back over the top again.Step 4: Finally, bring that loose end through the loop you’ve created on the open side of the buckle, tucking it underneath the belt loop for a beautiful, clean finish.


Step 1: Embrace the pretzel look, making the most of a long, skinny belt. Start by fasting the belt normally, then take the loose end and loop it back towards you.Step 2: Slip the loose end under your belt, just next to the closed end of the buckle. Pull the tail of the loose end down to form a bow.Step 3: Take the loose end and loop it back towards you again, up and over.Step 4: Feed the loose end between the buckle and your first loop, and adjust the two bow loops so that they look symmetrical. Done!


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