The quickest way to heat up a room is (obviously) with a heater. But, as great as they are, your electricity bill will rack up quickly if you have a heater running for hours on end. Fan heaters work well and aren’t too heavy on the Eskom grid if you only run them for a short amount of time. Failing, that you’ll need some other tricks to keep your room toasty.


Start by leaving your curtains open to let in as much sunlight as possible during the day and close them as it starts to get dark to retain the heat. The thicker the curtains, the more they’ll retain the heat.


Make sure those small bathroom windows are closed, and close the doors to unused rooms so that heat is contained in a smaller space.


Draft stoppers are essential to stop cold air coming through underneath your exterior doors. This can cause the room temperature to drop quickly. You can make one in five minutes with a pair of long socks and some rice. Pour rice into the sock until it is completely full, leaving a little bit of space to tie a knot at the end. The weight of the rice works well to keep the draft stopper in place.


Cover cold surfaces such as tile floors and leather couches with cosy rugs and blankets. Anything fleecy will help you warm up quickly, so wrap yourself in a fleece dressing gown or blanket. Heat up your hot water bottle or happy hugger and pop it in your bed or under your blanket on the couch.


The best way? The more people there are in a small space the warmer it’ll be so invite some friends over and bake up a storm. The oven will warm the room, you’ll have great company to take your mind off the cold and trays of chunky cookies to enjoy with hot chocolate.


Oh, and don’t forget to buy that heater.


Heaters, blankets, fleeces, draft stoppers… You know what you need, now go out and get it. The RCS Network of over 21 000 retail partners will have what you’re looking for, so visit a store and swipe your RCS Card today.