There’s not much to it: just whip it ’round your neck and off you go, right? Actually, there are dozens of ways to tie a scarf around your neck, from a who-cares flip over your shoulder to an intricate plait knot. We’ve narrowed your options down to three simple but stylish loops. Use our step-by-step guides to look cool – and stay warm – all winter long.


The European Loop

Step 1:Fold the scarf in half lengthwise.Step 2:Hang it over your shoulder, with the open end much longer than the folded end.Step 3:Tuck the non-folded end into the loop you’ve created at the folded end, and tighten. Easy!


The Infinity Loop

(This one isn’t as snug as the other two, but its loose fit means you can try it on warmer days.)

Step 1:Loop the scarf over your shoulders so that the middle is resting on the back of your neck.Step 2: Tie the two bottom ends together.Step 3: Take the loop, and twist it once so that it makes a figure-8.Step 4:Flip the bottom loop of that figure-8 back over your head.


The Celebrity Loop

Step 1:Drape the scarf over your shoulder, with one end much longer than the other.Step 2: Take the longer end, and loop it around your neck three times.Step 3:Tuck the end under the third loop.Step 4:Tuck the other end (the non-looped end) over into the same third loop.



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