Even though jeans are the most versatile clothing item around, some people still get it horribly wrong. Yes, you can dress them up or down, but you can’t dress every pair of jeans up or down.


Turn a cold shoulder to anything faded, stone- or acid-washed, ripped or distressed. Choose a pair in a classic dark blue or black that will take you from a Friday afternoon meeting to watching a soccer game with the guys.


Consider your body type. On either side of the spectrum are skinny jeans and baggy jeans. Both are a risk and should be avoided unless you really know what you’re doing. And unless you’re planning to throw some cowboy boots on underneath them, avoid bootleg jeans. Your best bets are slim and straight leg jeans with a mid-rise.


Slim jeans won’t make you look like your jeans are too small, but they’re not loose either. This style serves to make the average male body type look tall and slender.


Straight leg jeans go straight down from the hip to the hem. They’re a classic shape with some extra wiggle room, so they’re perfect for stockier guys.


The rulebook says that it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed, so when you see the words “smart casual” the “casual” part is your jeans.


Everything else you add should look sharp. This could include a crisp shirt, a quality V-neck jersey, a leather belt and smart shoes such as loafers, desert boots or brogues.


The last article of clothing is almost as important as the jeans for nailing smart casual style: a good quality blazer in black, grey, navy or brown.


Your star players here are a T-shirt that fits you properly, your jeans and a cool pair of sneakers. Add an unbuttoned shirt or zip-up hoodie for layers.


Colours can look amazing, but if you’re unsure then neutrals won’t steer you wrong.

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