The kitchen  is the heart of any home. It’s the room where friends and family inevitably seem to gather, and the place where you can be the star of your own cooking show. Kitchen floors take a lot of traffic. They also have to withstand dropped dishes and countless spills. So, it stands to reason that a kitchen floor needs to be functional and durable.


But, that doesn’t mean your kitchen floor has to be boring. Here are four stylish flooring trends that will spice up any kitchen and work with a wide variety of flooring materials. Once you’ve found one you love, apply online for an RCS Personal LoanThanks to our fast, paperless application process, you could be granted a cash loan of up to R150 000 to install a kitchen floor that sizzles with style.




Chevron and herringbone patterned floors are a growing trend in kitchen design. They’re a creative way to turn ordinary flooring such as wood, laminate, tiles or even brick into a stand-out feature. Herringbone connects planks or tiles at 90-degree angles, while a chevron pattern has the angles coming together at a point. These patterns look stunning in both contemporary and classic kitchens. Installation usually costs a bit extra, but the results will certainly be worth it.




Hexagonal or honeycomb tiles on your kitchen floor will supply a classic vintage look that harks back to the early 1900s, especially when combined with subway wall tiles. However, they’re also perfect for ultra-modern kitchens with minimalist décor. Because of their irregular shape, they’re ideal for open-plan homes, as you can transition gracefully from a tiled kitchen to a living area with a different flooring treatment.




There’s no look more classic than a black and white chequered kitchen floor. And, it’s also bang on trend. But, you don’t have to stick with old-school linoleum, or even black and white. You can use any two contrasting colours for a look that’s either cosy and homey, or dramatic and monochromatic. Top tip: chequered floors are especially good for smaller kitchens.




Extra-large tiles have been trending for some time in kitchen design, with tiles available in ever-expanding sizes. The reason they’re so popular is that larger tiles make your kitchen look bigger too, especially ones in light colours. In addition, they require less grout, which makes cleaning them less of a pain.



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