Three weeks of school holidays are around the corner and most parents will be wondering how they can control screen time and snack consumption. The holidays are the perfect time for your teenager to explore various interests, either for entertainment or as an introduction to a possible career. We’ve rounded up a few courses that will let your teenager have a fun and productive experience while still leaving plenty of time for them to veg out in their winter onesies.

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Most teens are fairly dedicated to quality time with their phones and you can nurture this interest in a healthy way by signing them up for a mobile app or video game development course at Think Camp in Johannesburg. Aimed at teens in Grades 8 and 9, the courses help them learn the design techniques and coding needed to create their own apps. The Cape Town Science Centre also runs science and coding-related workshops during the holidays and their Let’s Code workshop is a relaxed way for your teen to learn some basic coding skills like Python.




You never know when you might be faced with a medical emergency and it would be empowering for your teen to know that they can handle the situation. CPR training will equip your child with the ability to save a life, making it an invaluable tool, as well as a great confidence booster. It is also an essential skill for anybody interested in a medical career, emergency services, fitness or childcare. First-Aid Training SA run regular courses in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban and St John is a leading supplier of first aid courses all around South Africa.




If you’re raising a budding fashionista who is considering a career in fashion, then check out the week-long holiday course running at the Design Academy of Fashion in Cape Town. For four hours a day, your teen will learn how designers communicate their ideas, how to illustrate fashion and how to create and present their own design ideas – a real look into the fascinating world of the fashion industry. Canvas Academy is also looking to inspire creative youth with their Intro to Digital Drawing & Painting Course. Kids aged 14 and up will learn about art principles and how to transform traditional art into digital art using drawing tablets.



School holidays need never be boring with the variety of courses on offer around our beautiful country. With the help of an RCS Personal Loan of up to R250 000 in cash, your teen can investigate various subjects, helping them to make big decisions in the future. An RCS Personal Loan has a quick, paperless application process with flexible repayment options. Sign up today!


*Service and initiation fees apply.