But as our phones increasingly become our access to the world, they also give others more access to us.


Cyber attacks come in all forms. You might not even notice you’ve fallen victim until your money has been taken, or accounts have been hijacked. It’s not just email scams. If you’re connecting to Wi-Fi, using apps, browsers or Bluetooth, or even just answering an SMS, you are open to attack.


Here's how we can help protect ourselves from hacks, fraud and other security breaches on our phones.


 Infographic explaining mobile security


Now is the time to be aware of the ways people will try to scam you. By recognising the signs, you’ll be more prepared to avoid it completely.


With this knowledge comes a lot of power. Keep these tips in mind when using your mobile device, and protect yourself from hacks, fraud and security breaches. Remember to be vigilant and stay up-to-date about the latest scams.