Who could have predicted that a DIY home improvement project could also work as self-care? With the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on our lives, social distancing and staying indoors, changing your environment can be the mental health boost you need. Want to know what colours you should be painting your walls to promote calm or energize your space? We have just the palettes.




Colour has been known to affect the human mood, and with the COVID-19 pandemic keeping families indoors for added safety, your little ones may now be spending more time surrounded by four walls than ever before. Introducing teal into the kids’ bedrooms and play areas can help invigorate their minds, add a splash of fun and inspire creativity.

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While we know having a green thumb can help lower your stress levels and help you concentrate, did you know painting your walls green can motivate the mind and keep you energized? Adding it to an accent wall in your living room is an easy way to get you going when you feel down.

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‘Being blue’ will be a phrase of the past when you learn about the uplifting effects painting your room sky blue could have on your mood. Feel like you’re on cloud nine before you sleep and wake up to a renewed mind with a touch of light blue in your bedroom.

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We can’t ignore the effects a neutral palette can have on one’s mood. Browns, greys and whites have a natural comforting effect on the mind and bring about that comforting feeling we hope to experience when we’re uncertain and worried. Give terracotta brown a try if you’re feeling brave or stick with grey or varying degrees of white if you want to modernize your space.

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