Does the thought of what to get your mom for Mother’s Day fill you with worry and dread? Should you go for something fancy? Maybe you should try breakfast in bed or taking her out for a meal? What about a homemade gift – is that better than buying something?


There are so many choices and it can be quite overwhelming to try find the perfect present. This is why we spoke to experts on the subject to get some real answers. Mommy bloggers from around South Africa are weighing in on what it is that mothers really want on this day that’s just for them.


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According to Shaney from, “the trend is definitely something personalised at the moment.” She recommended gifts like a locket with pictures of her children inside, or perhaps a notebook that’s been given a personal touch. You can write a message inside that’s just for mom or cover the book with your drawings or family photos.


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It doesn’t matter how old you are, you will always be your mother’s baby. This is why “handmade gifts and cards from the kids will always be treasured and appreciated,” says Belinda from Making Mountains.


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One thing is for sure, moms deserve to be spoiled most of the time and especially on Mother’s Day. Belinda hit the nail on the head when she said, "All mothers are different but most have one thing in common: they often put their children's and family's needs before their own.”


Heather from South African Mom Blogs spoke to us about how she would love it if her kids spoiled her with a spa day. Lots of places offer great package deals that are specifically for Mother’s Day. Shaney also mentioned that her “perfect gift would be a spa voucher!” Not much guesswork needed on this topic then.


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“For Mother's Day this year try give them something exclusively for them, not something for around the house, but something that they personally will love and use… anything that says you've been paying attention to their interests and needs, BEYOND being a mother.” We think this is the perfect advice from Belinda!


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