No matter what size patio you have, you can turn it into an appealing extra ‘room’ in your house with just a few easy upgrades. What’s more, outdoor areas are very popular with property buyers, so investing a little extra time and money in your patio will pay off down the line.


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It’s usually the floor that defines your patio space, so it’s worth paying attention to it. If you’re happy with your existing patio floor, you’ll just need to give it a bit of TLC to get it ready for summer. Sand down and varnish wooden decks, remove moss, mould and weeds from bricks, pavers and gravel, and give a painted porch a new coat.


However, if you’re not in love with the look of your current patio floor, you could consider upgrading to one of the great-looking and low-maintenance outdoor flooring options available today. For example, composite wooden decking looks like the real thing, but requires virtually no maintenance, while artificial grass forms a soft, durable and natural-looking carpet underfoot.




A covered patio or porch is ideal, as it offers protection from both sun and rain. But, if you don’t have a roof over your patio area, you can still create shelter in other ways. A large, outdoor umbrella is a great answer for small spaces, and takes up virtually no room when closed. A pergola can be installed almost anywhere, and planted with climbing plants to create a pretty garden feature. A super-simple and cost-effective solution is to set four posts in buckets of cement hidden inside planter pots, then tie a large square of outdoor fabric to them.




Don't let the setting sun end your time outside. Adding outdoor lighting to your patio means you can enjoy those summer evenings in style. Energy-efficient lighting like LED and solar-powered lights are excellent options, and battery-operated or solar lights don’t need access to a plug. Combine a variety of different lighting types for the best effect: wrap fairy lights around a tree, hang lanterns from posts or branches, and use candles or LED candlelights for that romantic flicker. And, if you have the room, a fire-place or fire pit will add warmth and ambience year-round.




Well-chosen furniture can make your patio the perfect place for memorable parties, family meals, or quiet contemplation. Decide what you want to use your patio for, and choose your outdoor furniture accordingly. For meals, a durable dining table and chairs are your top priority. For parties, invest in a fashionable patio lounge set. And, if it’s a place for peace and relaxation you’re looking for, bean bags, hammocks or swinging chairs are the way to go. And, don’t forget to brighten it up with plenty of comfortable cushions, and perhaps even an outdoor rug.



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