Dogs, children, sports teams, mud puddles… There’s a whole world out there that’s conspiring to destroy your car seats. Use these handy products to keep that upholstery clean. (Your car will thank you for it.)


Dirty shoes happen. Dirty shoes that spread mud all over your car seats shouldn’t.

Thick, durable rubber mats will collect the bulk of that mud, letting you take them out later on, and shake/spray/wipe the grime off them.


Those naughty trips to the drive-through tend to leave traces of evidence… and those long-forgotten crumbs and fries have a habit of ruining your car’s interior.


You need to clean up pretty frequently – especially the backseat, and especially if you have young kids (or messy friends). A little handheld number will do the business.


Think ahead, and get one that can plug into the car’s cigarette lighter jack.


You’re probably using one already on your front windscreen – and that’s a smart move, because it’ll protect your dashboard and steering wheel from sun damage.


A single-window shade will do a similar job on your car’s backseat upholstery, keeping the sun’s springtime and summertime rays away from your threads.


If you’re rocking leather car seats, then you’ll know how tough they are to maintain. A regular dab of leather cream will help keep them from cracking, while a leather repair kit will help with scuffs and tears.


They’re not the most attractive in-car accessories – but they’re your last and best line of defence against ruined upholstery.


Seat covers are pretty much mandatory if you have dogs or children, especially if you want to keep the car’s interior in good condition (protecting its resale value in the process).

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