One thing’s for sure: the last few months have made it very clear that we live in a water-scarce country. We all need to do more to conserve this precious resource. Fortunately, one of the most effective ways to reduce our water use is to make some simple changes around the house.


The good news is that not only will a few key waterwise buys dramatically decrease your water use, they’ll also increase the value of your property. In fact, eco-friendly and sustainable home improvements are becoming one of the best ways to enjoy a greater return on your investment.


Here are seven sensible water-saving purchases you could consider making.


A low flow showerhead



The average showerhead expels around 15 litres a minute. A good low-flow showerhead can halve this amount. This means you can spend longer in the shower and still use less water. Low-flow showerheads needn’t be no fun: they’re available in a wide range of choices, from aerated showerheads which create a gentle mist, all the way to water-saving rain showerheads, which are like standing outdoors in heavy rain.



A proper pool cover will reduce evaporation from your pool by around 98 percent, so it’s an absolute must. And water’s not the only thing you’ll save. You’ll be able to halve your electricity usage on the pump and cut down on the chemicals you use. Plus, your pool will be warmer for longer. Another water-saving possibility is to get a poolside tank that can clean your backwash water and return it to the pool. The combination would mean you almost never need to top up your swimming pool.



Did you know that each square metre of your roof can collect a litre of rain for every millimetre of rainfall? That means that even a small house in a dry area can collect thousands of litres of rainwater a year. Rainwater tanks or rain barrels will catch and store the rain that drains off your roof and into the gutters. You can then use the water for your garden and swimming pool. Rainwater tanks and barrels come in a range of sizes and designs, so you’ll definitely be able to find one that will fit into your available space.


Lady filling watering can from water tank



All that water from your washing machine, shower, basin and sink needn’t go straight down the drain. Obviously, you can try showering over a bucket. But, wouldn’t it be so much less awkward to install a proper grey water system? These systems automatically divert all your grey water away from the drain. It’s then sent through a filter so it can be used to flush your toilets or water your garden.



Using a more water-efficient washing machine can make a huge difference, especially in a household with kids. If you’re currently using a top-loader, consider going shopping for a new front-loader, as these are more water and energy efficient. Look for a washing machine that has different cycle options so that you can use less water for less soiled items. Another feature to look for is automatic load detection. This means that the machine will only use the amount of water needed for the amount of washing you do.


A person loading a frontloader washing machine



If you’ve always hated doing the dishes, we’ve got two perfect reasons for you to go out and buy a brand-new dishwasher. Firstly, using a dishwasher is actually more water efficient than doing the dishes by hand. Secondly, modern dishwashers save even more water by using sensors to test how dirty your dishes are. They then automatically adjust the cycle to get your dishes clean using the least water and energy.


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