Laziness, budget, kids… it’s tempting to shrug off the most romantic day of the year. But Dionne Warwick told us “what the world needs now, is love sweet love” and who are we to argue? We’ve done the planning, so whatever type of couple you are, we have three great ways for you to celebrate with your special someone. Pick your favourite and swipe your RCS Card to get the goods for a perfect evening.




Who needs an expensive meal at a posh restaurant when you can spend time together preparing something amazing at home? If you and your partner are fabulous foodies, then roll some freshly made pasta for a bellissima Italian dish. For dessert, make a chocolate fondue and feed each other strawberries. Finally, pour your favourite drink into some fancy glasses and pop on La La Land for a fabulous night in the city of stars.

Handy hint: If you fancy this idea but have never made pasta before, then have some ready-made pasta on standby!


SET THE SCENE: Pink and gold short glasses, R65 each, Poetry; Pasta machine, R699, @home; Gennaro’s Fast Cook Italian, R399, Poetry; and Ibili fondue set, R999, Makro




More goofball than lovey-dovey? Keep things low-key and fun by ordering take-out and then eating it off the fanciest plates you have. Surprise your partner with a cool collage of photos of the two of you – if it’s a new relationship and you don’t have a lot to work with, add a note that says “to be continued”. As for the evening’s activities? Challenge each other to a game of Jenga or have a karaoke sing-off and belt out the cheesiest love songs you can find. To end the night, cuddle up and watch a great romcom like The Wedding Singer.


SET THE SCENE: Polaroid bluetooth karaoke beat box, R449.95, Homemark; Heart-shaped organiser for photos, R299.99, Typo; and Jenga, R329.90, Toys R Us




If you want off-the-charts romance, then plan a home spa session complete with candles, calming music and massage oils. We love the French Lavender Massage Oil from The Body Shop. For dinner, picnic on the floor with delicious French cheeses, herby crackers and sweet fruit. A decadent box of chocolates will be the perfect finishing touch. To spoil your love even more, let them slip into a silky soft robe – the ultimate accessory for an evening of relaxation.


SET THE SCENE: Love votive candle set, R199, Poetry; Luxury faux fur throw, R699, @home; Isla pink floral satin gown, R499, Poetry; and Massage oil, R225, The Body Shop



Even if Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing, there are easy ways to show your partner that you care. Swipe your RCS Card to pick up a special gift or set the scene for a romantic evening. Your RCS Card gives you access to the RCS Shopping Network of over 25 000 retailers and you’ll get up to 55 days interest-free and flexible payment options. There’s no excuse now!

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