From lower cost to easy cleaning, there are plenty of benefits to living in a smaller space. But, finding places for all your things can be a big drawback. Fortunately, there are all sorts of clever and inventive ways to squeeze more storage into even the tiniest home. And, as an added bonus, good storage can increase the value of your home. Take a look at some of these practical and stylish ideas. Then, start setting up your own storage solutions with an RCS Personal Loan from as little as R2 000 up to R250 000.




Shelves are your secret weapon in the war against clutter, and any unused wall space can be turned into a storage area with little more skill than it takes to use a drill. The least-used wall space is usually the foot or two below the ceiling. Installing shelves around the top of a room’s walls – or even just above the door – could give you several more square metres of storage space.


PRO TIP: Use floating shelves to keep the look clean and professional.


Shelves can also create the custom-made built-in closet you’ve been dreaming of. Install a shelf that’s the same width as a clothes hanger along one wall. Attach a rail beneath the shelf for hanging storage, and cover it all with sliding doors. You’ll lose a bit of floor space, but gain a stack of storage.


PRO TIP: Install the closet opposite a window and attach large mirrors to the sliding doors. This will add loads of light and make the room look and feel much bigger.




If your bed is just sitting there taking up most of the floor in your bedroom and contributing nothing to your storage crisis, it’s time you put it to work! You can buy beds with built-in storage drawers underneath them, or you can design and make your own. All you need is a suitable bookcase that can fit under your bed when laid down flat on its back.


PRO TIP: Attach small wheels or castors to the back of the bookshelf and handles on one side, so you can pull it out easily.


Your bed’s headboard also offers storage opportunities galore. A headboard with built-in shelves can double as a bookcase, a nightstand, and a display unit.


PRO TIP: Make your storage headboard as high as possible. This will look dramatic, and increase its storage potential.




You’ve probably seen those workshops where everything is so orderly and organised on pegboards. Well, why not steal their storage solution and use it in your home? Pegboards can be used to store anything from pots and pans in the kitchen to shoes in the bedroom, or even magazines in your home office.


PRO TIP: Paint your pegboard a custom colour so it becomes a statement feature.




Everyone needs a mirror on the wall somewhere – but why not make that wall space do double duty? Instead of just hanging the mirror, put it up on hinges, so you can swing it to one side. Then attach hooks behind it and hang jewellery and keys on them. This clever hack saves you space and helps keep your valuables safe!


PRO TIP: You can also do this with almost any artwork on your walls.



Now that you’ve got some ideas of how to kill the clutter villain, it’s time to make it happen. Apply for your RCS Personal Loan today, and you’ll have a decision in seconds. You can now get a loan from as little as R2 000 up to R250 000, and from as low as 15% interest*. Whatever your needs, we can assist. With the cash you need in your account within 24 hours, you won’t have to waste any more time struggling with too much stuff and not enough storage.


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