Puzzles, paints and blocks are essential, but in a fast-paced digital world tech toys have their place too. Finding the perfect device can be difficult and pricey, but an RCS Personal Loan and this handy guide will help you out.



Instead of fighting screen time, slip something educational into the mix. Tablets are a great way to teach reading, maths, music and memory through stories and games. Here are some of the good ones: The Bubblegum Tablet Bundle comes with headphones, a cover and preloaded games (R1 799, Hi Online). The LeapFrog Epic tablet has a kid-safe web browser and loads of activities on the app centre (R1 999.90, DionWired, pictured). If you’d rather start off small, check out the Winfun Elite Plus laptop with 80 different activities (R599, Makro). Taking a break from screens, we love the clever Code-a-Pillar from Fisher-Price that encourages problem solving and critical thinking to get it to move around obstacles (R1 294, Loot).




LeapTV Gaming is a fun way to support your child’s reading, science, maths and life skills. Your kids can stay active by using body motion to play – dance, jump, hop and karate chop to control the on-screen action (R1 667, Loot). For every stress-pot parent, the Doki smartwatch is worth every penny. GPS tracking, SOS alerts, video calling and classroom mode that you can control with your smartphone are just a few of the cool features. While a fun virtual fitness tracker named dokiPet, emoji messages and being able to connect with their friends will pardon your stalker ways (R2 999, Hi Online, pictured).




Young kids love to identify colours, numbers and animals so it’s the perfect time to combine tech toys and learning. The trusted brand LeapFrog lets your child read fun stories with the help of an interactive pup named Scout or Violet (LeapFrog Read With Me, R899.90, Toys R Us). Stop your youngster from stealing your iPhone by handing him his own smartphone that will teach him colours, numbers, animals and sounds. It will even call him back if he leaves it for too long!




Give into the pleas for a pet with a no-fuss, hair-free Zoomer Meowzie (R899.90, Toys R Us) or Paw Patrol Zooming Marshall (R1 299, Toys R Us). Robotic pets for the win! Dad can join in the fun racing one of two robotic cars. All you need is a smartphone and the R.E.V. app (R.E.V. set, R1 299, Checkers).



Electronics are the way of the future and the perfect way to earn brownie points with the kids. Sure they can be a little pricey, but an RCS Personal Loan with flexible repayment options will let you enjoy the best tech toys with no stress or hassle. Apply for an RCS Personal Loan today! Get a decision in seconds and cash in your account within 24 hours.


* Prices were correct at time of publication, but are subject to change.