Want to work out, but don’t have the time (or the desire to get sweaty with strangers) to go to the gym? No worries: with just a few pieces of equipment, you’ll have a home gym set up and ready to go!


It’s a basic piece of gym equipment, but it’s perfect for bicep curls and easy lifts. Get an adjustable set, so that you can add weight as you get stronger.


They look like cannonballs with handles – and, because of their Soviet origins, they’re known to some personal trainers as “Russian Handbags”.


Kettlebells are ideal for explosive strength and flexibility moves, because (unlike dumbbells) their centre of mass is extended beyond your hand. Use them for explosive squats and lifts.


One of the beauties of yoga is that you can do the moves anywhere. Invest in a roll-out yoga mat, and you’ll be saluting the sun and doing the Downward Dog in the privacy and comfort of your own lounge.


Also known as a Swiss ball or exercise ball (or balance ball, Pilates ball, therapy ball, etc), these overblown beach balls are great for at-home exercises.


When you sit on it, the ball’s instability forces your body to balance itself out, thereby causing you to engage your back and core muscles.


Use your stability ball for assisted sit-ups, push-ups and planks, and you’ll be on your way to those rock-hard abs you keep hearing about!


Sure, it sounds silly. And for guys, using a skipping rope probably sounds a little too much like playing hopscotch and prancing around like a seven-year-old girl.


But skipping ropes are excellent for balance, cardio work and explosive exercises – which is why they’re so popular among boxers. And nobody ever accused a boxer of looking like a seven-year-old girl. (At least, not to his face.)


You’ll find – especially if you’re a runner or a regular gym-goer – that a big part of your home exercise routine will focus on rehab or prehab work. This means a lot of stretching, and a lot of working the lactic acid out of your aching muscles.


That’s why you’ll need a foam roller. After a few hectic workouts, that roller will become your best friend.

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