You’re a fine-lookin’ man. At least, you are on the days you look after your skin. Here’s a look at what you need to do to keep your face looking great, and what you’ll need to get it done.



You know you need to wash your face. What you might not know, is how to do it properly. Avoid scalding hot water (go warm instead), harsh soaps (choose mild instead) and skin-scraping scrubs (use a scrub, but sparingly)… and start with a cleanser that will do exactly what it says: cleanse your skin of dirt and oil. A soft, gentle cleanser will provide the basis for what you’re ultimately aiming at soft, gentle, clean skin.

TRY: Vaseline Men Deep Cleanse face wash (R59.59, Clicks), Nivea Men Oil Control face wash (R61.90, Pick n Pay), or Sorbet Man 2-in-1 face wash and scrub (R79.95, Sorbet).




Facial hair on a dude is (sometimes) attractive. Rough, sandpapery stubble is (always) not. Moisturise every day to get soft, smooth skin, and to keep your face from getting too oily. Look for a moisturiser that’s alcohol- and fragrance-free. It’s less likely to irritate your skin, and to undo the good work it’s trying to do!

TRY: Nivea Men Oil Control moisturiser (R99.99, Pick n Pay), Sorbet Man face moisturiser (R120, Sorbet), Bioderma Gel moisturiser (R350, Clicks).




Ingrown hairs – where stubble grows back in on itself to form razor bumps – can happen to any guy, but they’re especially common among guys with curly beards. Best way to prevent them? Exfoliation. Use a face scrub before you shave, and you’ll clear away the dead skin cells and debris that interfere with proper hair growth. Bonus points: A good facial scrub will also help to prevent oil build-up and clear up blackheads!

TRY: Garnier Pure Active daily exfoliating scrub (R99.95, Dis-Chem), L’Oréal Men Expert Pure Power face scrub (R88.45, Makro).




Moisturiser may be the single most important product in your skincare arsenal. Moisturising with a product that also provides sun protection is what you want to go for here. Make sure your daily moisturiser is at least SPF15 – no matter how dark your skin tone is naturally.

Try: Sorbet Man moisturiser SPF15 50ml (R120, Clicks), Lab Series Power Protector SPF50 (R595, Red Square), Lab Series tinted moisturiser SPF35 (R440, Red Square), or Nivea Men Originals protective moisturiser 75ml (R94.95, Clicks).



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