With so many makeup brushes to choose from, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which of them you really need. What you might not know is that a lot of makeup brushes are quite versatile and have more than one use, which is convenient if you’re a girl on the move (or on a budget!). Beauty blogger Megan Kelly Botha gives us the lowdown on makeup brushes.



Foundation brushes are usually densely packed and tapered at the end, so that you can apply the product evenly, all over your face, including the small corners around your nose and eyes. The brush’s unique design gives you the ability to control the coverage of your foundation so that you have the flexibility to try different looks that range from sheer and natural to medium and full coverage. Tapered foundation brushes can also be used as a concealer brush, to apply your concealer below your eyes for a brightening effect, while covering imperfections and dark circles. Remember to always use short, downward strokes so that you do not raise the fine hairs on your face, and so that your foundation applies smoothly and blends easily into your skin. 

TRY: Urban Decay large tapered foundation brush (R500, Foschini) or Real Techniques foundation brush (R140, Clicks)




The quickest way to add dimension and colour to your face, is by adding blush and bronzer or even trying your hand at contouring. There are two main variants of contour brushes with the one being a round-ended brush and the other being an angled brush. It really depends on which you prefer, but if you are looking for a brush that is easy to use and offers versatility, then opt for the fluffy round end. Use the brush with a light hand to sweep colour all over your face for a sun-kissed glow, or tilt the brush downward for a more defined and chiselled application when contouring. 

TRY: Hoola contouring brush (R395, Red Square) or CALA angled contour brush (R99.95, Dis-Chem)




If you are prone to oily skin, especially when using cream or liquid foundations, then you will definitely need a finishing powder brush. The fluffy ended brush can be used for baking or applying setting powders to make your makeup last longer. The soft, long hairs of the brush help to create a nearly air-brushed affect, while setting your foundations and concealers, so that they last longer, especially in humid and hot weather.

TRY: Real Techniques powder brush (R229.95, Foschini) or CALA Kabuki brush (R119.95, Dis-Chem)




The most popular makeup brush is the common eyeshadow brush, which is a small fluffy-ended makeup brush that helps to blend and pack on eyeshadow, creating effortless makeup looks. Tilt the brush down and use the side to gently apply the pigment to your eyelid, giving the ability to pack and build up the colour of your eyeshadow. Alternatively, you can also use gentle strokes to blend out your eyeshadows, especially around the crease of your lid.

TRY: Eyeshadow brush (R250, Red Square) or CALA eyeshadow brush (R39.95, Dis-Chem)




The definer or lash liner brush is a simple addition to your collection, which gives the ability to add definition to your eye makeup. The long, thin hairs give you a more precise application, making these brushes great for applying darker eyeshadows to the lash line for a smouldering makeup look. If you are wanting a more natural, day-to-day makeup look that does not require the harshness of eyeliner, opt for using a brown eyeshadow applied with the definer brush along the top and lower lashes of your eyes. The definer brush can also be used to make your eyes appear bigger, by applying a brightening eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eyes. Lastly, use the definer brush to add definition to the crease of your eyelid, and then blend it out with the previously mentioned eyeshadow brush.

TRY: Smashbox definer brush #15 (R400, Red Square) or Lottie Blend In brush (R85, Foschini)



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