Not all brows are created equal. While some are blessed with abundantly filled face framers a la Cara Delevingne, others – like myself – have to resort to tricks in an effort to appear decent. And as with any finished look, achieving it is a process. Here are my top three hacks you can use to achieve brow perfection.




Groom your brows

You may be inclined to remove as much hair as possible in an effort to completely redefine your brow shape, but if you do have the luxury of full, thick brows, trimming ought to simply be a process dedicated to neatening up the brow area.


Routine waxing allows for a more precise brow application. It’s easier to see where to fill them in, elongating shorter ends and filling in sparse areas. Whatever your poison – threading, waxing or tweezing – find a brow specialist that knows what they are doing. There’s nothing worse than leaving a brow bar with awkwardly shaped monstrosities that’ll take a good three months to grow back.




Tools for brow maintenance

Different brow products create varying brow looks, so be sure to choose the right tool for the job. Most pencils like the Essence Eyebrow Designer (R29.95, Clicks) tend to make brows appear waxier lending to the “boxy” Instagram trend. Pomades like the MAC Cosmetics Fluidline Brow GelCreme (R240, Edgars) are a happy medium between powders and pencils and although they are trickier to get the hang of, I have always been thoroughly pleased with the end result. But if you’re all about the natural brow look, a brow powder such as the Bobbi Brown Dark Brow Kit (R695, Edgars and Red Square) is ideal and most come in compact packages making them easy to pop into your to-go beauty bag in case date night touch-ups are a must.




Set your brows

I love the security in setting anything applied to the face so when it comes to my brows, a setting gel is paramount. Try Benefit Gimme Brow (R335, Edgars and Red Square). It locks brows in place – a precautionary measure should you scratch or rub around that area.

From choosing the correct shade to your choice in an eyebrow primer, all of these and the steps in between lend to beautifully manicured brows suited to your unique face shape.


With the right tools, it isn’t hard to pull off the perfect brows. Swipe your RCS Card and get what you need from Clicks, Red Square – or any of the thousands of other stores that are part of the RCS shopping network.


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