Call them what you will – mega, monstrous, whatever! They’re amazing any way you look at them, and totally delicious too. And because these incredible creations are all about completely overindulging, we thought we’d give you not one, not two, but three recipes to try out.




Breakfast cereal never looked so good! Or tasted this yummy.



Rice Krispie treats:

1 tbsp (25g) butter

100g marshmallows

3 cups puffed rice cereal



4 scoops of vanilla ice cream

3-4 strawberries, plus extra to garnish

¼ cup (60ml) Rice Krispie cereal

250ml milk





2 skewers

Whipped cream

Pink meringues, to decorate


To make:

For the Rice Krispie treats, melt the butter and marshmallows in a microwave-safe bowl on high for three minutes. Next, stir the mixture until smooth, add the cereal and stir again to cover all the cereal. Pour into a well-greased and lined square tin (15cm x 15cm) and allow to set.


For the milkshake, blend together the ice cream and the strawberries. Soak the cereal in the milk until it is soft and add to the blended mixture. Blend it all together.


Take two glasses and dip their rims into honey and then into sprinkles. With a heart-shaped cookie cutter, cut the Rice Krispie treats into hearts and place on a skewer. Pour the milkshake into the two glasses and top with whipped cream, heart-shaped Rice Krispie treats and pink meringues.




What a way to go! This mega milkshake is a chocoholic’s dream come true.



Chocolate sauce:

2 tbsp (30ml) cocoa powder

85ml water

¼ cup (62g) granulated sugar

20g butter

2 tsp (10ml) cream



100g salted butter, cubed

100g dark chocolate chips

½ cup (125ml) brown sugar

1 large egg, beaten

½ tsp vanilla

¼ (60ml) cake flour

1 tbsp cocoa powder



4 scoops vanilla ice cream

250ml milk

1 tbsp (15ml) cocoa powder

2 tbsp (30ml) chocolate sauce



4 marshmallows, toasted 

2 brownies, cut in 4

Whipped cream

Maraschino cherries


To make:

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius (160 degrees Celsius when using fan-forced oven).


For the chocolate sauce, mix the cocoa powder with just enough water to make a smooth paste. Dissolve the sugar in the rest of the water and bring to the boil, immediately add the cocoa paste while whisking until smooth. Simmer for five minutes and remove from the heat. Stir in the butter and cream. Set aside and allow to cool and thicken slightly.


For the brownies, line a 10cm x 15cm baking tray. Place the butter and chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave in 30-second bursts until the chocolate is melted. Add the sugar and mix before adding the egg, vanilla and the remaining dry ingredients. Pour into the lined pan and bake for 15-20 minutes (or until a toothpick comes out with a small amount of crumb and batter). Rest for 10 minutes before lifting out of the pan. Cool completely before cutting into 5cm squares.


For the milkshake, soften the ice cream and blend with the milk, cocoa powder and two tbsp of the chocolate sauce. Swirl the rest of the chocolate sauce in the two serving glasses and pour in the milkshake. Top off the shakes with the toasted marshmallows, brownie, whipped cream and a cherry.


Top tip: place the brownies and marshmallows onto a wooden skewer to make garnishing easier.




Get a little spicy with this delicious milkshake.



Pumpkin puree:

250g pumpkin or butternut

1 tbsp (15ml) brown sugar

2 tsp (10ml) cinnamon



4 scoops vanilla ice cream

250ml milk

3 tbsp (45ml) pumpkin puree


Caramel sauce:

100g sugar

100ml water

25g butter

25ml cream




4 skewers

Whipped cream

White meringues, to decorate


To make:

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius (180 degrees Celsius fan-forced). Cut the pumpkin into even, medium-sized chunks and spread onto a baking tray. Mix together brown sugar and cinnamon, and sprinkle over the pumpkin. Roast for 15-20 min or until cooked through.  When done, smash the pumpkin with a fork and allow to cool.


For the caramel sauce, melt the sugar in a heavy-bottomed saucepot. When it’s a deep reddish colour, add half of the water (50ml). When the water stops boiling add the rest of the water and the butter. Cook until the boiling slows down and remove from heat. Swirl in cream and set aside.


For the milkshake, blend together the ice cream, the milk and the puree. Swirl the caramel sauce in the two milkshake glasses and then pour in the milkshake. Top off with honeycomb, meringues, whipped cream and extra caramel sauce to decorate.




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