The excitement of a family getaway can be dampened by the thought of hours in the car with young children to entertain. But a little bit of preparation and a few fun toys will ensure your kids are occupied and happy. And when you need a little downtime, the right kind of toy will let you relax.


Activity books are great for keeping little one’s busy. SCHOOL ZONE makes a great range for young children from mazes, to joining the dots and thinking skills.


What kid doesn’t love to draw? A MAGNETIC DRAWING BOARD will keep things neat and tidy and they’ll be able to draw picture after picture with no hassle.


Surprise them with a brand-new BARBIE DOLL or their favourite PAW PATROL character.


Sometimes you just need a little screen time. THE LEAPFROG EPIC is a kid-friendly tablet designed for learning and creative play for three- to nine-year-olds.


Then, if you’re stuck in the car and that Leapfrog has run out of battery power, these tried and tested games never fail to settle even the most antsy of kids:



Pick a category such as food, cities, animals or people’s names and going in alphabetical order, name an item for every letter: B for banana, C for cranberry.



“I spy with my little eye, something beginning with…”. This classic needs little introduction.



Get your kids to put their thinking caps on! One person thinks of an object and everyone else has to ask “yes” or “no” questions to figure out what the object is. Once you have asked 20 questions you can’t ask any more and you need to guess. The person who guesses correctly gets to choose the next object. 



Go around the car and pick any object you would take to the desert. The trick is to remember what everyone else said before you. As you take turns, the list gets longer and more difficult to remember. The last person to remember the entire list wins.



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