Gents! Are you stuck on what to get for yourself this festive season? Ladies? Still don’t know what to buy for the man in your life? We’re here to help, with a ready-made wishlist of the coolest new toys for men, all of which are available from retailers on the RCS shopping network. Some are useful, some are silly, some are a little childish. But that’s enough about the men. Let’s look at the gifts.




A drone is the must-have toy of Summer 2017. They’re no longer prohibitively expensive, and while the law sorts itself out (do yourself a favour and don’t take photos of your neighbours’ backyards), now’s a great time to treat yourself – or your man – to one. The X9 Quadcopter (R1 199, Superbalist) doubles as a remote control car and helicopter, while the X8HG Quad 2.4G (R3 999, Superbalist) has a WiFi HD camera attached for taking glorious aerial shots of not-your-neighbours’ backyards. The i-Play (R899, Game) is another excellent option, and the affordable price means it won’t hurt as much when your nephew crash-lands it under a passing truck. We like the Parrot AR Drone 2.0 (R5 999, Makro), which is mobile and agile enough to – after a bit of practice – fly around indoors as well.



Video gaming is now a legitimate pastime for people of all ages. For big boys, it’s even more legit, as games become more and more realistic and immersive. Treat yourself – or the man in your life – to an updated gaming console, like PlayStation’s PS1 500GB, with DS4 Controller (R5 999.90, HiFi Corp). Then start shopping around for games!



Yes. Oh yes, please. This virtual reality headset (R2 000, DionWired) will turn your Samsung smartphone into a completely immersive, 360-degree tool from the future. Watching YouTube – or any of the hundreds of movies available on Oculus Video – will suddenly feel like you’re in an iMax theatre. Even more amazing is how affordable it is.



You, Sir, are a grown man. And as a grown man, that means you’re free to ask Santa – or whoever brings the gifts in your home – for a full-on Star Wars Lego set of the Battle of Takondana (R999.90, Toys R Us). It says 8-14 years on the box, but you’re so clever you’ll put it together in just a day or two. Otherwise, a Resistance X-Wing Fighter (R149, Toys R Us) is a more affordable/less irresponsible option: you’ll have to make the “Pew! Pew!” lazer noises yourself. With either option, you’ll relive (or just continue) your childhood while assembling it, before showing it off to all your friends, none of whom will judge you for your completely grown-up gift request.




They say small things amuse small minds. And that’s just fine, because this Breaking Bad-themed Walter White 15cm bobblehead (R199, Superbalist) is no small thing. It’ll sit on your desk all year long, staring you down, keeping you in check, and making you by far the coolest person in your entire office. Even if you work from home, alone. Yoda (R229, Superbalist), Superman (R229, Superbalist) and The Dude from The Big Lebowski (R229, Superbalist) are also available… but let’s not get carried away.



So there you were, watching The Force Awakens, and all you could think was, “Man, I wish I had a personal assistant robot droid like BB-8.” Now, thanks to the marvels of modern science, you can. The Orbotix Sphero BB-8 Stars Wars (R2 800, DionWired) does everything you want it to: it rolls, it beeps, it listens and responds, and it creates holographic projections. It also responds to a mobile phone app. It is, in every way, perfect.


* Prices were correct at time of publication, and are subject to change.




Gents, you deserve it. Ladies, your man deserves it. Swipe your RCS Card today, and spoil yourself (or him) with any of these amazing big-boy toys. The RCS shopping network includes more than 21 000 retailers, with plenty of good stuff to choose from.