Seen on the lips of celebrities that include Rihanna, Lily Collins, Blake Lively and Jessica Alba, ombre is the next big trend to try. The best part is that it’s super easy to achieve and great for making your lips appear fuller while trying bolder and brighter lip colours.


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With the ombre trend growing in popularity, brands have made it easier than ever to find shades that complement one another. You can now find duo-lipsticks that feature both a dark and light shade combined, or double-ended products with two shades that seamlessly blend into one another. Of course, you can use any two – or even three – shades of lipstick to create the look, but the advantage of using one of these products is that the formula of both shades will be consistent.


TRY: Estée Lauder Pure Color Love One Stroke Ombre Lipstick (R320, Red Square), NYX Professional Makeup Ombre Lip Duo (R112.48, Clicks) or Ombre Lips (R40, Signature Cosmetics).




To achieve the perfect ombre lip, start by applying the darkest shade on the outer part of your lips, avoiding the centre. We recommend using a lip brush for a more precise and neater line.




Carefully apply the lighter shade to the middle of your lip. The lighter shade creates fullness while the darker shade accentuates your lip and creates boldness.



Use your finger or a lip brush to gently blend where the two colours meet, creating a seamless ombre effect so that the lighter shade fades into the darker one.


TRY: Smashbox Lip Brush (R355, Foschini) or Gosh Eyeshadow Brush Lip/Eyeliner 029 (R95.84, Foschini)




Apply a clear lipgloss to complete the ombre look, focusing special attention on the centre of your lip, so that your lipgloss catches the light and makes your lips appear full and juicy.


TRY: NYX Butter Gloss (R122.95, Clicks) or Essence Shine Shine Shine Lipgloss Behind the Scenes (R44.95, Clicks)



To complement your ombre lips, keep the rest of your makeup glamorous with a smokey eye, or if you’re feeling brave, rock an ultra-glossy lid that’ll catch the night-life lights.



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