Now we’re not here to tell you how to braai – or what to braai. You’re holding the tongs, so you’re in charge. But if you want to be this summer’s undisputed braaimaster, you’ll need to have the right tools for the job. And there we’re happy to help.


The type of braai you choose will depend on how you like to cook your meat. If you’re into open flames (for that char-grilled goodness), then you’ll need a trusty, traditional wood braai. Cooking on charcoal, for tender chops? Then you’ll want what the experts call a kettle braai (and what most guys call a “Weber”). Finally, if you’re cooking on gas (frying up a nice, greasy breakfast), you’ll want a good old skottel.



Wood braais

Your wood braai options range from the basic, like the superbly-named and easily-portable Bosveld Braai Frikkie Braai (R139, Makro); to more adjustable options, like the Ketla Stainless Steel Family Braai (R699, Game). These are for honest-to-goodness braaiers, who just need good meat, fresh mielies and hot coals to make the magic happen. They’re equally at home in an outdoor campsite and an urban balcony.


If you feel like getting fancy, grab a three-burner braai rotisserie (R699, Makro) and look/cook like a pro.



Kettle braais

Kettle braais are more technical – and they’re perfect for what scientists call convection cooking. The lid traps hot air inside, giving the meat an even, all-round cook. The brand of choice here is the Weber, and the secret lies in making sure there’s enough space between the coals and the meat, and the lid and the meat. A Weber 57cm Compact Kettle Braai (R1 899, Game) sounds about right for the job. For a smaller unit, get the Weber 37cm Smokey Joe Kettle Braai (R999, Makro), and if you’re doing this professionally, get the Weber 47cm Smokey Mountain Cooker Grill (R7 999, Makro). Oh, and whatever you do, resist the urge to keep lifting the lid. All that does is let the heat escape. Use the vents in the lid and bowl to regulate the heat.


Handy hint: invest in a pair of N-rit BBQ Gloves (R175, Cape Union Mart), which let you pick up the coals instead of poking at them with your braai tongs.



Gas braais

Finally, your gas options include a Cadac Four-Burner Elegance Gas Braai (3 500, Game), or the iconic Cadac Skottel Braai (R699, Makro). The former has a bunch of clever knobs and settings, the latter is a hot dish that lets you sizzle bacon, eggs and whatever else you’re eating. Either way, bon appetit!



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* Prices were correct at time of publication, and are subject to change.