The idea of a capsule wardrobe started in the 70s, when a London boutique owner by the name of Susie Faux suggested that the wardrobe should consist of a collection of core items that don’t go out of style, which can then be dressed up with seasonal pieces that come in and out of fashion.


More recently, the term has been adopted to describe a wardrobe consisting entirely of interchangeable garments that can be mixed and matched to form any number of outfits, for any occasion, without having an excessively large wardrobe.


The countless women that have turned to this system swear that they’ve never looked back, and that they now have more time and energy to focus on the things in their lives that really matter. “It’s liberating, satisfying to open your cupboard door and feel good about every item in it,” writes Jo on The Pretty Blog. 


Practically speaking, the capsule wardrobe consists of between 30 to 40 items (not counting active wear, sleepwear, underwear etc). These items rotate with the seasons.


Like the idea? Here’s how to start your own capsule wardrobe:


  1. Choose a colour scheme
    It’s a good idea to go with a neutral base colour that will go with almost anything – so we’re talking black, white, navy, beige, grey, etc.


  1. Pick high quality

With a less expansive wardrobe, a few pieces are going to get a lot more wear. It’s worth your while to buy high-quality garments cut from good fabric.


  1. Plan your wardrobe
    Go through your existing wardrobe, and decide what to keep, what to store and what to donate. Then go shopping to find garments you LOVE to fill in the gaps.


An example of a capsule wardrobe:


3 flats
3 heels
3 boots


3 skirts

3 shorts
3 long pants

3 jerseys
3 t-shirts
3 formal shirts
3 tank tops

4 jackets/dresses (depending on the season)


The key is to tailor the formula to your tastes and needs. As you progress you may find you need to tweak what you’re doing as you go along – there’s no shame in that, it’s a learning process.



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