It’s safe to say that life has not been the same since the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the world and our country. What’s more, the government’s lockdown strategy to curb the spread of the virus, while giving the economy a fighting chance, has meant each of us has had to adjust how we live and work at each level.


This paragraph has been updated with the starting date of level 2

Following President Cyril Ramaphosa’s announcement of lockdown level 2, starting on Tuesday 18 August, we are now able to enjoy a few more liberties, but it’s especially important to do so safely and responsibly now in order to continue protecting ourselves and others.


Here’s what life will now look like at lockdown level 2:





What does level 2 mean? There is a moderate spread of the coronavirus and moderate readiness.


What sectors are operational


  • All retail
  • Construction
  • Domestic work and cleaning services
  • All manufacturing
  • All government services
  • All mines

Mines to operate at 100% capacity.


  • Installation, repairs and maintenance

Get the maintenance work you need done.


  • Informal waste pickers


What does level 2 mean for schools?

Government has not yet published guidelines for schools at level 2, but certain grades will continue to attend class with strict protocols in place.


Transport restrictions

Domestic air travel and car rental services are now permitted.


Movement restrictions

A daily curfew between the hours of 22H00 and 04H00 remains.


Provincial borders are open.


International borders will remain closed with special exceptions.


What forms of entertainment are allowed at level 2?

The following are permitted with capacity restrictions:

  • Cinemas, concerts and casinos
  • Gyms and sporting events without spectators
  • Bars, shebeens and taverns
  • Beaches, public pools and parks
  • Museums, galleries and libraries
  • Accommodation and restaurants
  • Social gatherings in homes limited to 10 visitors


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The pandemic is still very real, and we’d like to encourage you to still take every precaution to stay healthy. So, continue to use our online payment methods to pay your RCS account. Use the RCS mobile app (available for free on your iOS and Android app stores) or RCS Self Service platform to manage your account from the safety and comfort of your home.


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